Evaluation & Your Patient Centered Care

Good morning everyone!

We welcome you back for our last topic in the nursing process: Evaluation!

Evaluation is an ongoing process which tests the effectiveness of the interventions implemented. This final step in the nursing process is imperative to measure the outcome of the desired goals. That being said, if the patients met their goal then mission accomplished! However, in scenarios where they haven’t, we would need to re-evaluate at a later time as the patient may need more resources, encouragement, or simply just more time.

Our goal is to assist patients in meeting their desired outcomes when composing their plan of care. So be sure when you’re  re-evaluating, your patient are able to participate, engaged, and agree with the direction their care is going. Some goals are simpler to meet than others, so try to remind your patients of that in an effort to keep their spirits up! As always, we encourage you to continue to monitor...


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