We've been readmitted!

Happy October, ADPIE Followers!

As you may have noticed, we have been MIA and that’s because...
we were on VACAY!

Finding time for ourselves and loved ones can be tricky in our field, so trips like these are much needed. You may be thinking it is irresponsible of us to be taking time away, but its essential. As healthcare professionals, we always put the patients’ needs ahead of our own, so on our days off we’ve got to take the time to do something that replenishes that font of caring we pour from. Having meaningful and mindful time away from work will reduce the likelihood of burn out and ensure that your patients experience you at your best!

Coming back to work won’t be easy after the adventures of the past couple weeks. Between the two of us, be have breathed in the Hawaiian air and screamed our faces off in Orlando. #rollercoasters

We are both back, energized, and ready to take on whatever comes our way! By setting aside time to relax and encounter new things you invigorate yourself. This makes a huge difference in how you care for you patients. The connections we make with your patients is enriched by the stories we tell one another. We can't tell you how many times a patient has kept us in a room with a story they are tell. We should be checking on our other patients too, but Pops is just so precious! The exchanges are made better when we can relate with them on some level. The experiences you share at work can only come from going out into the world to learn and enjoy.

The ocean waves and seemingly unsafe rides have made us incontinent, but we are back! Ready to do what we do best! ...Prevent decubitus and other medical stuff!

So, take time for yourself and CONTINUE TO MONITOR...

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