National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day is the first Wednesday in November. Today, you are encouraged to look for and reduce stress factors in your daily life. It was founded by Carole Spiers who was the Chair of the International Stress Management Association. This year's theme is "Does Hi-tech Cause Hi-stress?" This seems very relevant as most healthcare entities are moving to EMR for their documentation and patient care management. We also live in a very technology oriented society in most developed countries.

Stress can be a physical or psychological response to an event or series of events that someone has been put through. This includes the workplace! We work in a profession that gives us many reasons to stress:

Mrs. Jones can't remember that you already gave her this morning's Namenda; Mr. Brown is literally yelling at you and you're not sure why; Mr. Cox is having active chest pain and wants a sandwich...

How we respond to these situations has an impact on how we internalize and react to them. Many of us who work in healthcare are very empathetic to our patients. To some, that means we also take on our patient's emotions and have to deal with them ourselves after we leave. If we don't care for these emotions properly, they can begin to envelop us. This affects our patient care and how we interact with our family and friends outside of work. Give yourself some grace when you need to take some time for yourself. It can sometimes leave you with a guilty feeling when you spend time or money just on yourself, but it is vital that you do this for your own mental health and your patients' well being.

If a friend or family member says you seem stressed, don't get offended or testy. Take it as a reminder to evaluate your situation and find moments that could be best spent in more healthy constructive ways.

To celebrate this day you are encouraged to lessen your tension. We post examples of how to de-stress yourself every Sunday. Check out our suggestions on our Facebook or Instagram. Enjoy yourself and tag your ideas or activities with #StressAwarensessDay.

Continue to monitor for next week's post...

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