Top 10 Things We Are Thankful For As Nurses

We are so thankful for these top 10 things during this Thanksgiving holiday season. Nurses, nursing students, and other staff really help to make the healthcare industry go round and we couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of it.
Hello, friends!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so we asked our coworkers what they were thankful for. What really made their job easier as a nurse?

Here’s what we got:

  • Gloves

Let's be real, who isn’t thankful for gloves?! Best idea in healthcare, hands down we are pretty much unstoppable if we have: comfy shoes, an empty bladder, coffee and GLOVES. Just saying.

  • Thank yous

Gratitude is always a nice surprise. Nursing, for the most part, is a thankless profession. We’re expected to just handle it. Whether or not we get those gestures, we aim to provide the very best care that our patients deserve! It’s always a treat to be thanked from a family member, the patient, management, or even a colleague. Remember to sprinkle “please" and "thank you” around, it’ll make everyone feel appreciated.

  • Available and working equipment

Who else dreams about beeping IV pumps that malfunction? Feeding pumps that are possessed? The Posey alarm that you thought was working...but wasn’t and you find a patient half way out of bed and looking at the floor like it's real comfy? Our days go so much smoother when we’re able to perform our duties with  available and functioning equipment!

  • Environmental services

They are superheroes! They always do a great job keeping our work environment clean. Now they can’t exactly make it smell pretty (#cdiff), but EVS staff members are excellent at keeping our patients’ rooms picture perfect and ready for our patients. I mean, don’t we all just feel better overall in a clean space?

  • Wine

Another way to list this one is just something to relax us. Especially after those days where you don’t remember how you got home after working a 12+ hour shift. But hey, your patients were cared for, charting was up to par, and hand off was organized...we’d say you’ve earned yourself a glass or three of wine. ADPIE supports responsible drinking, just to be clear.

  • Our Hospitalists

THE REAL MVP's!! We LOVE our hospitalists. Talk about the best working relationship between nursing staff and physicians. A lot of nurses feel that hospitalists are more approachable than specialists. One reason may be because they are readily available. Not to disregard specialists, as floor nurses, we just hold a special place for our phenomenal hospitalists.

  • Knowledgeable and involved family members

Yes! Yes! Yes! Family members who are present are such wealth of knowledge to nursing staff. They know their loved ones more than we do, so if they mention any advice on how to care for their demented parent, stubborn uncle, or even their sneaky sibling...listen! Our clinical pearls only get us so far, but remember, always think critically to provide safe care for our patients. Just because Mama likes ice cream with her medications does not mean it’s okay to disregard the NPO except for meds order.

  • Nursing friends

Here at ADPIE, we’re so lucky to have amazing nursing friends. We get to work together and hang out outside of work, because nursing friends are truly the best friends! We support, encourage, and vent to one another. While each of us nurses may have a trusted friend that may not be a nurse, we believe nursing friends empathize because they’ve been there!

  • Team players

It’s always so nice to work with team players! Those who really go out of their way and ask how you’re doing, if you need help with anything. That whole cliché “team work makes the dream work” totally applies when you’ve got a great staff. Those individuals who take the time to check on their fellow nurses are gems and should always be recognized. Wherever you work, if you get the chance to recognize them, please do. Those individuals deserve all the recognition for their amazing attitude.

  • Working in a job we love

Not many people get to say they do what they enjoy. Nursing, while hard, brings so much meaning to people in the profession. We find joy in helping others and standing up for those who are not always at their best and able to speak for themselves. Yes, it's difficult to deal with family and patients who won't let you do your best work, but it all helps you grow and learn as a nurse.

We would like to add to this list what we’re thankful for, and that’s you, our dear followers! We thank you for being part of ADPIE and truly appreciate your support. We hope you all enjoy our posts and take away something after each week! We’d love to hear what you’re thankful for, so comment below. Have a safe holiday everyone! Please continue to monitor...

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