How Do I Prepare For NCLEX?

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It's Wednesday! This week, we want to talk a bit about NCLEX prep.

Once we graduate from nursing school the first thing we want to do is to never look at another book again. #wesurvived No one is at fault since we've really had multiple "date nights" with our book, writing out drug cards, and finishing our absolute favorite - care plans . Allow yourself the time to relax for a bit (give yourself a deadline), then get back to reviewing before sitting for boards, aka NCLEX!

Here at ADPIE, we firmly believe in using our time efficiently, so we recommend a few things before taking your exam. Here's a few tips we've like to suggest:

1. Study groups
They only work if you are honestly there to study. This means evaluating each other's knowledge in an effort to determine which content material you need to review. If you don't come up with a game plan, and find someone who is just as serious as you are about studying, then don't bother. You'll waste your time and may not have the best outcome. Keep the group small and remember this is not a social event! You can hang out later after you complete your tasks! We cannot stress enough the importance of limiting distractions!

2. Timeline
After you've received your authorization to test (ATT), schedule your test date and put a plan together. You probably have a planner but if you don't already, look into Inkwell Press (We use them with ADPIE and love them)! Getting organized is what will keep you on track and a key to your success. Some people need a detailed schedule to remain organize, which is great but this plan has to be realistic too. Set yourself some scheduled breaks. You can't exactly cover 2 years of nursing content in one week if you don't already know the material by heart. Tailor your study plan to meet your needs; perhaps you can take a test to get a baseline and compose a study plan based on the subject you'll need more time on. Treat this like a full time job. Study an hour at a time and walk away for a new minutes. Take a lunch break and hydrate yourself. Don't rush yourself but also don't  think you have to score 100% on your practice test.  Research encourages graduate nurses to take their boards sooner rather than later. Not many ever feel ready to take the test. After all, it is a defining moment in your career. Think of it this survived nursing school! You're a beast! You can and WILL pass your boards!

3. NCLEX resources

  • Sara- For content, I attended a live Hurst review. I had access to online videos, NCLEX prep questions, and was provided with a notebook for note taking that is specific to the review. I felt that the material was presented in a way by the educators that I can confidently recall the information. I was drawn to their southern accent, they even tied a story or catch phrase to the topic they were covering. Three full days of review left me feeling confident in my study plan. I recommend this review for individuals who feel they need a crash course. Another resource I used was NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) I absolutely loved NCSBN. They are the makers of NCLEX. I took my boards 5 years ago and I can confidently say this review helped me tremendously. I took a pre-test and was able to focus on the subjects I need to improve on the most. I purchased a membership a few times. If you're short on funds, suggest this membership as a graduate gift! I promise you all, you won't be disappointed in the content provided or the question bank! I cannot say enough great things about it.
  • David- I was required by the school to use ATI and its products for my classes; I can't say for certain if they helped or not. Honestly, it just felt like something I had to do and didn't take away all I could have. We also had to attend a Live Hurst Review. I did not enjoy this. I felt it was long, boring, and the book was fill-in-the-blank. What I do recommend is NCLEX RN Mastery! There is a free version with plenty of questions, but if you blow through all those there is a paid version that is inexpensive. I got in the habit of doing a few dozen questions every day and I did feel this was very helpful. 

4. Eliminate your distractions
Whatever that means to you, do it. Your IG, FB, and Netflix account will still be there for you once you're done studying! Also, for those that like to study at work, that doesn't work! You have to establish a designated area for studying, remember we're treating this like a full-time job!

5. Relax!
When you are done studying for the day, don't pick up any material. Do something therapeutic, something that you enjoy. We certainly understand the pressure of taking this test but you have to trust that whatever happens; it will be ok. Allow yourself 24 hours before the exam free of nursing material, I know it sounds insane but information overload will not help. If you don't know the information by now, then just keep moving forward and take the test!

We want to know what are some tips that you have for graduate nurses? So new grads, good luck and please continue to monitor...

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