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Hello, we are Sara MSN, RN-BC and David Bressler RN, BSN!

We started Nursing ADPIE to help foster our knowledge in an ever changing field of medicine: Nursing. So many of the policies and procedures are altered as new research is conducted and how we are best supposed to be caring for our patients. We have a passion for educating new nurses and orienting experienced nurses to our units. We were students and new nurses once and remember how difficult it can be to try and get all the information we take in to make sense. Our hope with this blog is to make that transition to nursing easier for our readers. If you can't seem to GET what you professor or instructor is trying to say, talk to us! At this time, we offer our content for free, so you should absolutely take advantage of that. 

Our audience is nurses going back to school and nursing students, but we also hope to help people get a glimpse of what is means to be a nurse and what it takes to be in this difficult and rewarding profession. Like we've said, it can be so difficult to get into nursing; whether that is just the school, on a unit you enjoy, or back to school to advance your degree.

We passed our NCLEX under different circumstances - Sara took it twice; David once; both using different tools. Having had different experiences, we know what it takes to pass NCLEX and get into nursing no matter your current situation! We want to give students the confidence to do the same with the knowledge they gather. We want to give experienced nurses the tools they need to succeed on their new units when they are trying to transition to a different specialty.

You might be confused and unsure how to proceed from here, but we want to help! Once you start following us and engaging with our content we hope you will feel more confident and able to be a better student or an outstanding nurse!

Nurse by day and purely exhausted by night.

I'm a Florida RN that loves floor nursing, learning, and teaching. My background is Med/Surg at a small community hospital. Proud UWF Alumni #argos

David Bressler RN, BSN
Nursing is not just something you do, it is something you are. We go home and take off our scrubs, but we are still nurses. After retirement, we will always be nurses.

I've been working in a hospital in some capacity since I was 14 years old, bringing my tenancy in a healthcare setting to 13 years and counting. I graduated from the University of West Florida and have been living the dream at a local community hospital. I currently work on a med/surg unit and ICU float. I hope to develop my skills as an educator of patients, nursing students, and nurses while continuing to work at the bedside.

Please join us on our journey to learn and become more effective and knowledgeable nurses. Hopefully, you will also learn something along the way. Please continue to monitor for more great content.

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