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David's Assessment Sheet - I used this during nursing school, simulation lab, and my preceptorship. I also used this for a little while during my orientation as a new nurse until I got comfortable with the hospital's report sheet they used on the floor. Let me know what you think!

Sara's Report Sheet - I came up with this for our giveaway we are doing! I tried to keep it simple and include space for multiple patients on one page. I also included an example so you have an idea of what a filled out report sheet might look like. I hope you enjoy and find it helpful.

You know you need them, but they can be so expensive! Below is a list of free and discount textbook sites. If you know of any others or have a particular favorite, please let use know.

openstax - This website offers free textbooks with no catch! Of course your textbooks may not have been added yet, but you can always check before you go to your school's highly overpriced bookstore.

SlugBooks - Great place to buy and sell books. You put in your book's title or ISBN and it will find it across many dealers (Amazon, Chegg, AbeBooks...). This is one of David's favorites and it saved him so much money going to school and you can often sell them right back if you don't need them anymore!

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